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    The best part about Affinity is its simplicity. Laserfiche functionality can be added to most application screens within minutes - no programming required.

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What Our Clients Say

  • I love the integration tool, Affinity. It's really well put together and our customers are going to jump at the chance to use it to do big things for a relatively small price.

    TKB Associates

  • Laserfiche takes the mystery out of city records, lends a great deal to our transparency and, once people are comfortable with and trust the process, the staff is free to work on other tasks.

    City of Bozeman, MT, City Clerk

  • It was clear from the beginning that Laserfiche was the leader in document management. We very quickly saw that it was the right solution for us.

    City of Bozeman, MT, GIS Manager

  • Ever since the implementation of Laserfiche, the information has become readily available all over the institution and now Laserfiche is used in different departments... Laserfiche is currently used to store information regarding invoices, credit card applications and customer disputes.

    D.L. Evans Bank