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United Micro Data, Inc.’s History

United Micro Data, Inc. was established in March 1983 as a sole proprietorship business in Idaho Falls, ID. In March 1989, the company expanded its operations to include the Boise, ID area when it aquired a Boise micrographics company. United Micro Data, Inc. acquired United Micrographics in January of 1993 and incorporated in November 1994. United Micro Data, Inc. continued to expand when it acquired another Boise area micrographics company in 1999, and then a Pocatello micrographics business in 2001.

Document Management Solutions

United Micro Data, Inc. specializes in document management solutions which include:


Customer Base

United Micro Data Inc.’s customer base includes large and small businesses, utility companies, banks, credit unions, hospitals, medical service companies, high schools, colleges, universities, and city, county, and state government agencies. As a matter of specific interest, United Micro Data, Inc. currently has the contract from the State of Idaho for all microfilming services and with the Idaho Department of Water Resources for all scanning services.