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Easy Input

scannerBringing documents into our imaging system is nearly effortless. Just use your mouse to drag and drop electronic documents into the system. Paper documents can be scanned individually or in a batch for greater efficiency. Once scanned, a batch can be divided into separate documents. The built-in Optical Character Recognition (OCR) can automatically index all words from paper documents for full-text retrieval. Our system allows you to:

  • Simultaneously OCR batches of documents on multiple computers
  • Assign or update index fields at any time
  • Add Bar Code and Zone OCR Plug-INS to automatically populate index fields
  • Use Portable Volumes to add documents from service bureaus or other offices with ease


Complete Document Management

Managing a large repository of documents can be a challenging task. Documents need to be carefully categorized and filed systematically. The advantage to our imaging system is that you can adapt it to the filing methodology you’re already using. Documents can be named, placed in folders and assigned index fields – making organization logical and simple.

These are some of the powerful tools that United Micro Data offers records managers:

  • Digital Archiving preserves archives for long-term access
  • Portable Volumes accommodate retention schedules and disaster recovery needs
  • Electronic Document Support lets you archive files in their native format
  • Version Control lets you import updated copies of archived electronic documents
  • Comprehensive Security controls ccess to folders and documents as well as access to features and functions


Digital Archiving Preserves Documents

United Micro Data’s Digital Archiving preserves your paper documents by storing them as images in a non-proprietary TIFF format. These images cannot be altered and will remain accessible by future systems. In addition, electronic documents imported into our imaging software are preserved as archived originals. Digital Archiving also prevents damage from daily wear and tear because users can view and print images from their computer instead of handling the actual document.

Portable Volumes Give You Flexibility

United Micro Data’s Portable Volumes let record managers group large numbers of documents for easy classification and transfer. You can accommodate retention schedules by creating volumes based on expiration dates and transferring them to new files to your database. Portable Volumes can also simplify the disaster recovery process. If necessary, your entire repository of documents can be quickly reconstructed from backup copies stored in a secure, off-site location.

Instant Access to Electronic Documents

With Electronic Document Support, you can store documents from any Windows-based application in our software together with images of your paper files. From spreadsheet, word processing or presentation documents to digital photo or video files, you can move them into our softwarewith drag and drop ease. This gives you archived versions that can be opened in their native format. It also makes our system, a one-stop location for any archived file, whether scanned or electronic.

Make Changes, Keep the Originals

If any updates need to be made to an archived electronic document, Version Control will store a copy of the original and assign a new version number each time it’s saved. You don’t have to worry about accidentally changing an original file, because the changes only apply to the new copy.

Keep Documents Secure

Our Comprehensive Security gives you document control on many levels. With Feature Rights, you can determine what functions a staff member may use, such as scanning and printing. Access Rights specify who can view certain documents or folders, as well who can rename documents or see through redactions. For extra security, our Audit Trail Plug-in allows you to track and search document activity- including who has viewed a document and what actions they performed on it.