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Microfilm & Microfiche

Microfilm and Microfiche have always been an economical alternative for high-volume data and picture storage. Microfilm is the only medium that can survive continual upgrading of electronic technologes. Storage devices generally remain compatible with only one or two generations of media and at some point, new drives cannot read older cartridges.

However, microfilm is an analog image that can always be read by future readers. In some cases, old data that are already in digital form are being converted to microfilm so that they can be preserved and accessed way out in the future without regard to the changing digital formats that are bound to occur over time.


Microfilm & Microfiche have numerous advantages:

  • First, they are compact, with far smaller storage costs than paper documents. Generally, a year of a periodical in microfilm form takes 10% of the space and 3% of the weight of its paper version.
  • Second, they are lower cost than a standard subscription. Most microfilm services get a bulk discount on reproduction rights, and have lower reproduction costs than a comparable amount of printed paper.
  • Third, they are a stable archival form. Most library microfilms use polyester with silver-halide dyes in hard gelatin, with an estimated life of 500 years in air-conditioning. In tropical climates with high humidity, fungus eats the gelatin used to hold silver-halide. In the tropics, diazo-based systems with shorter archival lives (20 years) are preferable, because they have polyester or epoxy surfaces.
  • Fourth, since they are analog (an actual image of the original data), it is easy to view. Unlike digital media, the data format is instantly comprehensible to persons literate in the language; the only additional equipment that is needed is a simple magnifying glass. This reduces the possibility of obsolescence.

Equipment We Sell

  • New and used equipment
  • Readers – COM & Source
  • Cameras – Planetary & Rotary
  • Duplicators – Fiche & Film
  • Storage – Cabinets, Adjustable Shelving, Carousels, Trays, and Panels


  • Computer Output to Microfilm (COM)
  • 16mm Film Processing
  • 16mm Film to Fiche duplicating
  • Microfilming to Roll film and Jackets
  • Microfilm conversions to CD-ROM


  • Toner
  • Dry Silver Paper
  • Film
  • Jackets
  • Camera Cards
  • And More!